Mitsubishi E70 CNC System

E70 series offers Cost Effective CNC Solutions


The E70 CNC incorporates performance of M70V  series as well as deploying screen configuration of M700V & M70V series.

Key Benefits;

High Cost Effectiveness:-

  • Very smooth cutting surface achieved with one-nanometer position interpolation.*
  • Up to 20 sequence programs can be registered with the built-in PLC function.
  • A wide array of development support tools such as NC Designer is available.
  • Ultra-compact drive units with built-in power supplies contribute to reducing control panel size.

E70cost effectiveness

Compact Size and Less Wiring:-

  • The control unit is integrated into the back side of the display to realize compact size.
  • Ethernet* is available as standard specification, enabling input/output of machining programs and parameters by connecting the NC to a personal computer.
  • Front CF card/USB memory interface in the display as standard specification.
  • Analog output offered as standard specification to enable the use of a spindle drive with an inverter.

MITSUBISHI CNC Machine Operation Panel:-

  • Simple to operate and configure
  • The key layout can be customized according to machine specifications.
  • Wiring has been reduced

E70 panel


KEY Functions: 

  1. Inclined Axis Control (lathe system)

  2. Spindle/C-axis Control

  3. Guidance Function

  4. System Lock Function



Lathe Machine

Small Lathe with Spindle Control:

Lath Spindle_E70

Small Lathe with MDS DJ Servo:

lathe MDS DJ


Milling Machine

Small Milling  with MDS DM2 Servo:

Milling MDS DM2

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