Mitsubishi Servo

Mitsubishi Servo Systems are well known for its advanced technology and quality performance.



The MR-JN Servo is ideal for simple operations, tuning & positioning. It saves you time and money by tuning your machine  with a simple press of a button-One Touch Tuning.

Range; 50W to 400W with resolution; 131,072 pulse/rev encoder,Suitable with servo motors: HF-KN,HF-KP  Series.


The MR-J3 Servo are known for its state of the art technology and simple operation. This servo amplifier models are suitable for conventional drives systems, smooth regulation of speed, torque and position control.

MR-J3-A/B, MR-J3-A4/B4, MR-J3-T/T4

Range; 0.1 kW to 110kW with Speed freq response ;2100 Hz

Suitable with servo motors: HF-KP/MP/SP/JP, HC-LP/RP/UP, HA-LP Series.


The MR-JE Servo Amplifiers delivers basic performance with advance ease-of- use.

KEY Features:

  • Advance One Touch Tuning
  • Drive function against instantaneous power failure
  • Large capacity drive recorder
  • Absolute position detection system
  • Fast & Accurate
  • Global Standard compliance

Range; 100W to 3kW . Suitable with servo motors: HF-KN,HF-SN  Series.



MR-J4 are latest servo amplifiers  based on the concept of

  • Human (User friendly and Safety function),
  • Machine (High performance) and
  • Environment (Energy saving).

Range; 50W to 22kW .with resolution; 4 million pulse/rev encoder

Suitable with servo motors:HG-KR/HG-MR/HG-SR/HG-JR/HG-RR/HG-UR Series.

Compliant with safety standards. 2/3-axis servo amplifier.