SINAMICS V90 Servo Drive

SINAMICS V90 is Siemens Basic Servo Drive Systems offering optimized performance, ease of usu and cost effective motion control solution.


The Siemens V90 Servo System comprise of SINAMICS  basic V90 Servo Drive and SIMOTICS  S-1FL6 servomotor.

Unmatched USP Features;

  • Eight converter frame sizes and Seven motor shaft heights to cover a performance range from  0.05 kW to 7.0 kW
  • Auto tuning enables machines to achieve a high dynamic performance
  • designed to meet general purpose servo applications,
  • SINAMICS V90 features internal positioning, positioning with pulse train and speed and torque control modes (1 MHz high-frequency pulse train input)

How V90 Servo Drives System save Cost!!

  • Integrated control modes: Pulse train positioning, internal positioning, speed and torque control modes
  • Integrated internal positioning function
  • Integrated braking resistor in all frame sizes
  • Integrated holding brake switch, no external relay



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