FR-E700 Mitsuishi Frequency Inverter

Mitsubishi FR-E700 Series Frequency Inverters are cost effective suitable for all general purpose applications.

Mitsubishi VFD_E700

The Product line up Available FR-E700 VFD range from 0.25H to 20HP (15KW), 200V Single Phase, 200V Three Phase & 400V Three Phase

Applications: All general purpose speed & motion control


200V & 400V AC Rating/Specifications:


FR-E Wiring/Connection Diagram:


FR-D700 Mitsubishi Ac Drive

Mitsubishi’s FR-D700 Series FREQQROL Inverters are compat micro drive solution for  simple and more sophisticated applications

FR-D700 mitsubishi

KW (HP) Range: 0.1 kW (0.125Hp) to 7.5kW (10 Hp)

Product Line Up Chart; FR-D700 Thre Phase 200V & 400V

cmitsubishi-fr-d700-rating-product lineup chart

Terminal Connection Diagram-FR-D700 

mitsubishi-inverter-fr-d700-Wiring Connection