Mitsubishi CNC

Mitsubishi offers world best CNC Control products ensuring Quality and High performance measures.

CNC Product Series;

E70 Series CNC Control Unit:


Salient Features: 

  • Economic Controller
  • Compact Operator Panel, less wiring
  • Suitable for simple Lathes & Milling machines

Functional Credentials:

  • Inclined Axis Control
  • Spindle/C-axis Control
  • Guidance Function
  • System Lock function


C70 Series CNC Control Unit:


Key Features:

  • Equipped with high speed communication bus
  • iQ Integrated Platform
  • Multi Part (7) and Multi Axes (16) Control System
  • Reduced tact time
  • Enhenced operational efficiency


M70V Series CNC Control Unit:


The M70V is new Standard CNC

USP Features:

  • High Speed
  • High Accuracy
  • Multi Axes Control
  • Ease of operation

Functional Credential;

  • Multi part Multi Axis control
  • Position loop of spindle control
  • Polar coordinate interpolation
  • Milling interpolation
  • Data backup function
  • Program restart function


M700V Series CNC  Unit: 


Best suited for Top Level Machine Manufacturing |

USP Features:

  • Complete high speed nano control
  • PLC Axis
  • Machine Center System