FR-E700 Mitsuishi Frequency Inverter

Mitsubishi FR-E700 Series Frequency Inverters are cost effective suitable for all general purpose applications.

Mitsubishi VFD_E700

The Product line up Available FR-E700 VFD range from 0.25H to 20HP (15KW), 200V Single Phase, 200V Three Phase & 400V Three Phase

Applications: All general purpose speed & motion control


200V & 400V AC Rating/Specifications:


FR-E Wiring/Connection Diagram:


SINEMICS V20 Basic Inverter

siemens v20

SIEMENS SINAMICS V20 is BASIC Frequency Converter known for its ease of operation, and cost-efficiency.

KEY Features:

  • Power Range: 0.12 kW up to 30 kW.
  • Compact Drive in its class; With a width of just 68 millimeters and a height of 142 millimeters just!!
  • MODBUS RTU comm port
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Monitoring energy and water flows

SINAMICS V20  Applications:

suitable for industrial applications, such as pumps, fans, compressors and conveyor systems.

for commercial applications, such as refrigerated counters, fitness equipment, ventilation systems and commercial washing machines.


AB- PowerFlex 4M Ac Drive

PowerFlex® 4M Drives are Compact Series Rockwell Automation product. It offer users the benefit of cost effectiveness and small micro drive.




  • Power Rating: 0.25 to 15 Hp | Single Phase 200V and Three Phase 400V
  • very compact in size
  • Global Standards; IP20, NEMA/UL type open enclosures
  • In built RS485 communication
  • Feed-through wiring design

Capable to handle  broad range of applications.

PowerFlex® 4M Technical Data:

PF 4M Technical Data

V1000 Yaskawa Ac Drive

Yaskawa AC Drive_V1000

V1000 is Sensorless Compact Vector Control Drive with most advanced features

Drives rating from 0.1kw to 18.5kw (25HP) Three Phase 200V as well as 400V

One Drive for all motors types:

  1. Induction Motor
  2. SPM Motor
  3. IPM Motor

images a1000

Unique Features:

  • Unmatched Torque Characteristics
  • Speed Search function to override instantaneous power failure
  • Global Standards NEMA, IP, RohS compliant
  • Compact in space, side-by-side mounting possible
  • A Pulse output to monitor power consumption
  • PTC input for thermal protection of motor
  • Automatic PID control function



Fluid Applications

  • Fan
  • Pump
  • HVAC
  • Blower

Transportation & Material Handling

  • Conveyor
  • Food Beverages
  • Packaging


ALTIVAR 12 Schneider Ac Drive

atv 12

ATV 12 is micro drive suitable to small machine applications.

Range covers 0.18 to 4kW (0.25 to 5 Hp) Three Phase 200V

Drive Rating | Technical Specifications: 


KW/HP Selection Chart – Single & Three Phase


Altivar 12 Applications:

For Simple Industrial Machines; 

  • Material Handling – like small conveyors
  •  Packaging- Label & bagging machines
  • Pump Application- suction, centrifugal, circulating, mono pump etc
  • Fan & Fan Equipped Machines- blower, ovens, film making machine, washing machine, boilers

For Food & Beverages Industry

  • Mills
  • Mixers
  • Battery farming
  • Green Housing
  • kneading machines


Wiring Connections: