ALTIVAR 12 Schneider Ac Drive

atv 12

ATV 12 is micro drive suitable to small machine applications.

Range covers 0.18 to 4kW (0.25 to 5 Hp) Three Phase 200V

Drive Rating | Technical Specifications: 


KW/HP Selection Chart – Single & Three Phase


Altivar 12 Applications:

For Simple Industrial Machines; 

  • Material Handling – like small conveyors
  •  Packaging- Label & bagging machines
  • Pump Application- suction, centrifugal, circulating, mono pump etc
  • Fan & Fan Equipped Machines- blower, ovens, film making machine, washing machine, boilers

For Food & Beverages Industry

  • Mills
  • Mixers
  • Battery farming
  • Green Housing
  • kneading machines


Wiring Connections:



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